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I Just Saw SiCKO....

2007-07-25 00:16:28 by Champigne

And I have to say I'm pretty disgusted by the US health-care system.

It really showed me just how desperate insurance companies are to deny needy patients coverage over life threatening illnesses. It really doesn't seem to phase them that they are tons of people who's lives are lost just because companies weasel their clients out of the healthcare they need from unknown past illnesses, to the excuse that cancer isn't life threatening, or even minor health flaws you've had in the past few years..

Volunteers that served at ground zero who suffered debilitating ailments from lack of proper respiratory safety gear didn't receive any thing for their time. Yet in countries like the UK, Canada, and France healthcare is always free. In Britain they'll even reimburse you for any travel costs (like a taxi) you had to pay for to get to the hospital. But in LA, if you can't pay your hospital bill they'll willingly drop you off in a homeless shelter w/o anything but your hospital gown. Even in a "horrible" country like Cuba that we've been taught to hate, they have free health insurance. And hundred dollar subscriptions in the US sell for pennies in Cuba. Hell, even Al-Queda prisoners in Guantanamo Bay receive top-notch health care, at no cost..

Unless your a complete retard who is too ignorant of whats going on in this country, you should by all means see this movie. It really pains me to see the average working class citizen die because he came down with a treatable disease, that his insurance company just didn't want to pay for..

I Just Saw SiCKO....


2007-07-17 21:25:11 by Champigne

I didn't want one..