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I am enbarking.....

Posted by Champigne - August 6th, 2007

On my annual journey to the concrete jungle itself. Los Angeles.

In the past I was always excited about going there to see my Grandmother, aunts, uncles, etc, but now it just seems like a huge hassle. This summer has been pretty fun, but it has seemed to pass by all too quickly. My friends have seen all the summer blockbusters and have swallowed enough beach water to kill an infant. But I only wish it could last longer.

I'll be gone for 2 weeks, which is practically the rest of the summer. I can't really say I don't want to go, but I feel that I'd rather not. The only fun I have there is with my cousin. Most of the time I'm sitting in my great aunts house playing my 360 alone, or watching network programming on an ancient television. I can only hope to snag a trip to Disney Land or California Adventure, rather than the cheaper alternative of Universal Studios. All the rides there are boring and I've ridden the good ones an uncountable amount of times.

I imagine the plane will be horrible as usual, as seeing as my ass of a father is too cheap to buy non-stop tickets, I'll be be taking an extra time consuming stop on my way and back. The only the I can do in the plane is read my Batman graphic novel or listen to my iPod, both of which get old after a while..

So I'll try to enjoy myself and not worry of the impending school. And I wish NGs the best for the next 2 weeks..

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Have fun there, try not to get raped or something. That, and remember this.....

Los Angeles has a high crime rate(I think).

I will, and yes it does have a high crime rate, just like most all major cities.

LA is a great city...Enjoy your stay!

Thank you, and I did for the most part..

Just be happy your taking the plane.
I'm going by train.
24 hours in a chair.

Wow, I can't imagine that type of hell..

Do you go to Annapolis high?

Broadneck actually

Your ASS of a father? I am TELLING!